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    Roleplaying Rules and Etiquette Empty Roleplaying Rules and Etiquette

    Post by Sandstriker on Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:43 pm

    General Roleplaying Rules

    - Don't have ridiculously overpowered characters. It's just not fun for anyone if your character is the Absolute God of Mega Hyper Death and everyone else's is balanced.

    - No Godmodding. You can only control your own character, so instead of saying "My character fires the gun and it hits your character in the head", you should say, "My character aims the gun at your characters head and pulls the trigger." It gets the same message across, and still allows the other player to be able to control their character and decide what happens.

    - Also, no God Moding. Which is to say, you can't have your character be perfect. If they are in a fight, they are going to take some hits. Nobody is so good to just be able to dodge everything.

    - Let others be involved in the story creation. Unless you are the person who made the roleplay, you shouldn't have all the control over the story, talk to others in the group about your ideas and add them if you can agree on them.

    - Your character isn't you, and they don't know everything you do. While you may know about Mr. Evil's plan to secretly assassinate your character, your character certainly doesn't, unless someone else's character has informed them.

    - Don't suddenly give your character more abilities. There's no way your character just suddenly gained the ability to shoot lasers from their eyes. If they have any powers, put them in the character sheet in the beginning.

    - Don't edit posts from far back just to make things you want canon. It doesn't work that way.

    - Don't be gross. Don't have your characters do disgusting things to other characters such as rape them, or have your characters be pedophiles. It's against forum rules and is flat out gross.

    - Don't be a dick. If you want to leave a roleplay, talk to the others about it and take care of your characters. Don't just drop your likely plot important characters and vanish. Only assholes do that.

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