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    Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

    Post by Sandstriker on Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:05 pm

    Forum Rules:

    Behavior on the forum

    Defamatory, racist, sexist, hateful, pornographic, illegal or generally insulting content must be avoided on this forum. You must respect the fact that people may have a different opinion than you. If you are in conflict with another member, please use PMs for that, this forum is not an arena!

    Keep any drama away from the forums! Nobody cares about something going on between you and another forum member, just keep it to yourself or use the PMs to talk to that forum member about it.

    Please, be patient. It's useless to bump your topic every few minutes. Every member of this forum has a private life besides Forumotion, so they can't always respond immediately

    You must respect the moderators and administrators. They all work voluntarily on this forum and they are human, not machines!

    If you received advertising, pornographic content or insults by PM, you must send the whole message and a screenshot of that message to a moderator via PM. Posting it in a topic is useless and will only cause conflicts between you and the one who sent you the PM

    If you don't find your topic, it may have been moved to a more appropriate place. If you are not sure how to find it, click on your username in the "Who is Online ?" section at the bottom of the homepage and go to the "Statistics" tab of your profile. There you can do a quick search of all the posts or topics you recently made.

    Do not moderate other members. Moderating is reserved for staff members only.

    In addition, don't purposefully antagonize others to illicit a response. It's rude and isn't tolerated, even if you are technically "operating within the rules".

    Avatar and Profile

    Sexually oriented, gore, blood, horror and any other type avatars that are considered to be inappropriate must be avoided

    Your "Language", "Location" and "Hobbies" fields are not an advertising space, so links (to your forum or other sites) must be avoided.

    You may only have one forum account unless given permission by a moderator or the admin.

    Possible sanctions

    If you made advertising by PM, you will see your PM mailbox disabled

    If your avatar doesn't respect the rules and you ignore the moderator's request to have it changed, the Administrator will forbid you from displaying an Avatar

    Advertising for money-related stuff = Immediate ban

    Ignoring the moderators warnings and continuing to not respect the rules and insulting people will result in a ban from this forum

    Don't just make a roleplay thread for just yourself or something that you know only you and one other person will use. It is a waste of space and should be taken elsewhere.
           - This means that there must be at least three active people in a roleplay

    Do not spam threads by bumping posts by quoting and sending the post. Only quote posts if it is to respond to the quote.

    Do not use one emoticon posts. Add some words to it.
        A. One exception to this rule is :winky:

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